About Us
​​We were inspired by the simple idea that online shopping should be a simple and secure experience. As avid everyday consumers, we should be rewarded with an enjoyable shopping experience, void of worry that our credit card and personal information might someday fall into the wrong hands.    
The team at VRAY is working diligently on our first product to transform the current landscape for online retailers and consumers alike. With the introduction of white-labeled VRAY technology, consumers will be able to enjoy a simple and secure online shopping experience on any devices, without giving out card number to anyone. While consumers enjoy the perks of simple and secure online shopping, retailers will also benefit from revenue increases, reductions in data breaches and chargebacks.    

Our Core Team

 Jack Shauh
Co-Founder and Chief Executive 

Jack received Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UC San Diego. Jack has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, mobile security system development and communication system design. Jack has worked for data networks startup Integrated Networks Corp., computer & ATM manufacturer NCR, and telecom leader Qualcomm. Jack has filed over 30 patents.

Peter Donat
Payments and data industry executive skilled at fostering innovation, implementing partnership, developing strategies, and executing transactions that generate material financial improvement. Over 20 years of substantial leadership experience managing high performing teams in payments and data industry leaders Visa, MasterCard and First Data.    


​​Andrew Banh
Co-Founder and Engineeing Director
Andrew is leading our software development efforts.  Andrew received BSEE from IIT. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in embedded software development, mobile application development and secure distributed systems development. Andrew has worked for leading technology firms Motorola, Qualcomm, Boeing, and Raytheon. 

Chris Shimojima 
CEO with a consistent track record of revenue and profit growth in competitive and dynamic industries that operate across multiple channels. Over 15 years of operating experience leading digital transformations at iconic (Nike), mass market (Sears/Kmart), start-up (kozmo.com) and multi-brand portfolio (Provide Commerce) enterprises. Serving as board director at Implus, Aurora Health; serving as executive advisory board member at Gryphon Investors; served as board director at Xoom Corporation.      

Chris Ward
VP Business Development
Chris is leading the business  development effort reaching out to payment processors, payment gateways and mercahnts. Chris has over 15 years of experience in merchant services and card issuing services. Chris has worked for ISO (Independent Sales Organization) Meritus and City National Bank, which is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada.

Elizabeth Hoople
A seasoned marketing and payments executive who has delivered top and bottom line growth rates that have led the credit card industry. Over 20 years of operating experience, in Citi bank and Wells Fargo bank,  leading credit card product development and marketing, payment innovations including NFC mobile payments, contactless and EMV Chip smartcards. Elizabeth has served as independent director for MetaBank since October 2014.