What We Do
Secure Distributed Payment Platform
VRAY operates secure, heterogeneous, omni-channel technologies to deliver payment solutions to merchants. This includes existing on-line, ATM and emerging voice, home, car and beacon transaction points. The platform
reduces fraud with a password-free simple integration
into existing merchant and processor infrastructure.
VRAY Addresses Increasing Online Fraud
With the introduction of chip (EMV) cards in the US, fraud declined for retail purchases but increased significantly for online purchases. As new payment channels open, fraud will follow. VRAY offers a payment method tailored to each transaction interface. It is simple and secure – which will lead to higher purchase conversion and lower fraud costs. With more than 500 million digital wallets expected in use in 2021, VRAY projects an addressable market of $202 billion for its products.



Simple and Secure
The VRAY platform can enable easy and secure payments in multiple channels. By leveraging industry standard payment tokens instead of card numbers, the platform provides no data for perpetrators to compromise. Using a combination of biometric and familiar multi-factor authentication techniques, VRAY maintains a simple and intuitive interface to ensure rapid consumer adoption. Alternatives in the marketplace have not solved the combined challenge of fraud reduction and consumer ease of use.